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Living Water Counseling Ministry 

Mental Health and Christian Counseling Services

" ...If you knew the Gift of would have asked of Him, and He would have given you Living Water." (John 4:10 KJV) 

Self Pay Information

Self Pay Rates for 2021

As Living Water Counseling Ministry is now accepting Health Insurance, we have signed a contract stating that we will bill health insurance and self-pay patients equally.

The current Insurance Provider contracted rates for 2021 are as follows:

Initial Counseling Session (45-60 minutes)  $135.00 

Individual Therapy Session (53-60 minutes) $131.00

*I accept Cash, Checks, Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Samsung Pay, and Apple Pay.

I currently cannot offer a Sliding Fee Scale as I do not have the ability to apply for grants in order to cover discounted sessions.  If you feel that you would qualify for a discounted rate for counseling services based upon your income please contact your local Mental Health Community Services Board, as they may be able to offer you discounted services. 

Fees For Service

Initial Psychological Assessment & Diagnosis (45-60 minutes)- $225.00

Individual Therapy Session (53-60 minutes) -$215.00

Individual Therapy Session (38-52 minutes) -$210.00

Phone Consults (30 minutes) may not be covered by insurance- $75.00

Phone Consults (55 minutes) may not be covered by insurance- $100.00

Deposition or Appearance in Court- $500.00 + $100 per hour

Records and Document Review ($30 minimum)- $100.00 per hour

Written Correspondence (depending on type)- $50.00 per page

No Show/Late Cancellation Fee- $100.00 per 60 minute session

Copies of Medical Records- $0.50 per page for the first 50 pages + $0.25 per page for any pages that follow + $10.00 for shipping and handling (to cover postage costs, time spent making copies, envelopes, etc.)