Living Water Counseling Ministry 

Mental Health and Christian Counseling Services

" ...If you knew the Gift of would have asked of Him, and He would have given you Living Water." (John 4:10 KJV) 

Frequently Asked Questions

How is a Christian Counselor different from a Regular Counselor?

One of the biggest differences is that a Christian Counselor incorporates aspects of Christian beliefs into the counseling process. This means that scriptures from the Old and New Testament may be included as well as prayer with and for clients. We also incorporate your Christian beliefs into problem solving as well as addressing various issues that you feel are of concern.


How does counseling work? What happens during a session?

Counseling is basically the client and counselor working together to find a solution to your problems. We may discuss your problems and then try to find ways to look at the problem differently or resources available within the community. We also take into account your spiritual beliefs and how they play a role in your view of the problem you have presented. This may include completing assignments addressing your thoughts regarding certain topics as well as looking at scriptures that are related to your concerns.


How much does it cost for counseling services? Can I afford it?

Most health insurance providers will pay for mental health counseling services allowing the customer to pay a co-payment as you would at a doctor's office. Some insurance policies cover the full cost of the session (with no cost to you), others have co-payments as low as $11.00 per session, $20.00 per session, or $25.00 per session but of course this depends upon your individual policy. For exact costs for your insurance policy contact your insurance provider and ask about "Outpatient Office Mental Health Counseling Services".


Are you considered a specialist on my insurance card?

A specialist co-payment and a co-payment for mental health services can differ greatly. Many times the cost for counseling services is much lower than the cost for a specialist listed on your insurance card. To determine the exact amount you can contact your insurance provider and ask what your cost for "Outpatient Office Mental Health Counseling Services" would be.


Do you accept Medicaid?

Yes we are a provider for most Medicaid plans at this time. With a Medicaid plan such as Anthem BCBS or Virginia Premier there is no co-payment for services, so the insurance provider will pay the full cost. This means you can attend counseling services as often as you would like (as approved by your insurance provider of course) with no cost to you. If we are not a provider with your policy we would be happy to refer you to other counselors in the area.


Do you accept Medicare?

Unfortunately we are not a provider with Medicare at this time as Medicare is not currently paying for Licensed Professional Counselors. We would be happy to refer you to other counselors in the area who are providers with your policy.


Do you accept Dual Enrollment Medicare-Medicaid policies?

Unfortunately since we cannot accept Medicare policies (Medicare is the primary insurance) we cannot bill insurance for counseling services (even if we are in-network with the secondary policy (Medicaid)). We would be happy to refer you to other counselors in the area that are providers with your policy.


How would I pay if I do not have Health Insurance?

There are self-pay options available. You can find more information concerning this under the Self-Pay Tab on this website.


How often would I be expected to come?

This is usually different for each and every individual. I usually recommend that you attend counseling sessions on a weekly basis (if possible) during your first month (or more) of counseling services depending upon the severity of your problems. Of course due to financial issues this may not always be possible. Some client's choose to attend counseling services twice per week, once per week, once every two weeks, once every three weeks, or once per month. I usually do not recommend once a month unless you have been in counseling services for awhile, are stable mentally and emotionally, and have been meeting your goals and objectives.


How long do people usually stay in counseling?

This also depends upon the person. There are some clients who complete approximately one month of counseling services and then feel that they have reached a resolution of their problems and may return at a later date if these issues continue. There are other clients who choose to attend counseling services ongoing for 3 years or more. This tends to vary based upon the issues the client is facing, if new issues arise during their time in treatment, how well they are using their coping skills, and what type of social support network they have available to them.


Can you prescribe medications?

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor. I do not have a medical degree so I am not qualified to prescribe medications. Most clients either visit a psychiatrist for their mental health medications or a primary care physician at a local doctor's office.


Do you provide counseling services for children or adolescents (teenagers)?

At this time, I am only seeing adult clients who are ages 18 yrs and up.


Do you provide Marriage or Family Counseling Services?

At this time, I am not currently doing marriage or family counseling services. I am just focusing on individual counseling services.


Do you perform Psychological Evaluations or DUI Assessments?

At this time, I am not doing official Psychological Evaluations or DUI Assessments.